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Beheld the Serpent STEAM Academy is hosting an inspiring homeschool conference, on Saturday, July 13th 9-2pm, at the Leslie Town Centre in the heart of Cookeville Tennessee, featuring esteemed speakers Dr. Jennifer Hall Rivera and Patricia Engler. Dr. Rivera, with her extensive background in forensic science education, and Patrica Engler, known for her global backpacking research on Christian students in academia, will share their insights on homeschooling. This event promises to be a treasure trove of knowledge for homeschooling families, blending scientific inquiry from a Christian biblical worldview. This is a free event so come and check out the homeschool vendors that support your homeschooling journey!

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Beheld the Serpent S.T.E.A.M Academy is a Christian apologetic ministry and academy located in Cookeville, Tennessee that is dedicated to teaching the Truth of God's Word by confirming the Biblical account using the sciences and engineering. We provide educational opportunities, for families to experience the phenomenon that God has established from the beginning in a fully furnished and functional laboratory setting.


We at Beheld the Serpent S.T.E.A.M Academy teach students on how to think critically, analyze the evidence, and exercise judgement and discernment. We are persuading unbelievers, preparing the next generation of laborers and solidifying unwavering faith. Will you help us help the next generation to reach the lost, to fulfill the commission, and to occupy until our LORD Jesus comes. Your support goes toward more than just equipment and supplies. Your support emboldens those with greater understanding of the world they live in, how it is upheld, and Who created it. Are you ready to make a commitment? Are you ready to join and acknowledge the battle we all are in? Your support is greatly needed and appreciated to help our mission. Please consider a donation today. Thank you!

Beheld the Serpent STEAM Academy is a 501c3 Non-Profit. Donations are tax exempt.


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